Boost your impact, energy & self-confidence!

- Pop-up shop Energizing Business Wear
- Photo Make-up incl. consultation
- Photo session

24th - 25th March 2023
Zürich, Oerlikon | Gubelstrasse 50

For women in business

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Discover and try on energizng ENNBOW collection for home & office

Create comfortable business wardrobe and make your personal brand work for you

Get a business picture for your LinkedIn profile, Zoom avatar or any online communication

Discover Energizing Business Wear

  • Be comfortable, move freely, feel fresh
  • Shape your body
  • Mix & match
  • Save time: no ironing required!

Durable high-tech fabrics.

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Take part in a business photo session

  • Make-up
  • Styling session
  • 2 business pictures
  • CHF 49 (receive your photoshooting as our special gift with any purchase of Fr. 250.- or more)
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When & Where

24 - 25 March | 8 am - 8 pm

Oerlikon, Gubelstrasse 50

8050 Zürich [link]

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Energizing Business Wear

Discover elegance and comfort for everyday!

Energizing Business Wear


ENNBOW is an energy booster! Created for women whose lifestyle requires flexibility, mobility and daily business presence, ENNBOW blends advanced technology with classic design to create a modern, comfortable and functional business wardrobe.


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