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Simplicity & effectiveness

Innovative women's clothing by ENNBOW

Are You an active woman? Must You abide by the rules of the formal dress code? You have fund the right place! Elegant women’s clothing from ENNBOW is made of high-tech fabrics that care about the comfort of the business woman during actively spent day. With us You can be sure that Your outfit will be perfect for work, for business meetings and in delegations.

Elegant thermo-active clothing for women

We understand how the human body functions in a situation of increased effort and stress. ENNBOW clothing are made of modern fabric, sportswear-inspired. They give You comfort and You have a lot of energy to run at top speed. Smart, breathable materials, provide effective ventilation and carry away moisture away from the skin. Ensure freedom of movement and not crease easily. As a result, clothes look flawless throughout the day.

Quick and convenient shopping

Choosing ENNBOW women’s clothing online shop You are assured of fast and comfortable shopping without leaving Your home. If You would like to see our Project live, You can visit ENNBOW Showroom on Flora Str. 1/10, Warsaw, Poland. Are You looking for assistance with creating the image? We will be happy to help You. Take advantage of completing Your wardrobe with professional stylist.

Fashionable dress code in business

While designing our clothes, we pay a special attention not only for both – comfort and the latest trends. ENNBOW projects is clothing not only for work. Elegant pantsuits, comfortable formal blouses and shirts, fashionable dresses, skirts or trousers in the estraordinary form of comfort is a new dimension of the formal dress code.

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